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SHAREit for Android

SHAREit for Android

SHAREit for Android is a perfect tool for exchanging files between different devices, including your PC, mobile phone and tablet. With the support of mostly used today platforms and systems, ShareIt has taken pretty much of popularity thanks to the high speed of processing, intuitive and brilliant interface, and simple way the app works. Despite the primary function of the tool is file transfer and management, ShareIt for Android is capable to complete a lot of other purposes: i.e. clean the device from the junk (temporary files, cache and thumbnails), create a group sharing object, play video files via embedded video-player etc.

SHAREit for AndroidSHAREit for Android

Another enormous advantage of SHAREit for Android comparing to other apps performing the similar functions, is a free model of distribution. Refusing from the price tag on the app label, the developers have made it possible to share the utility among 100 million of different gadgets based on Android, and the proof of such a tool popularity – the counter of downloads on the Google Play store.

The main functions of the SHAREit utility are:

  • very high speed of file transfer: you can send your files to another device with the speed approximately 200 times faster comparing to Bluetooth
  • multi-platform support: you may share the files between any type of devices or gadgets, not limiting to PC or laptop
  • the possibility to send and receive a huge variety of different types of the files: images, documents, videos and audios
  • remote control: manage presentations, play video, view images on the PC simply by using your smartphone
  • replication of the data, files and additional objects which you might need in the future.

SHAREit for AndroidSHAREit for Android

The instruction of downloading the app for Android on the phone memory is very straightforward and clear:

  1. find the Google Play store on the main screen of your mobile device
  2. in the search field start typing the "SHAREit” value, until the proper page appears on the upper search menu. Tap on the represented list item
  3. on the application page in the market tap the "Install” button to start the downloading and installation procedure
  4. on the next step accept the requested permissions of the tool, including camera access, Wi-Fi connection data, list of contacts, the information about photos, media and files and others. You would have to confirm all of them, so that the tool could perform all of its operations successfully
  5. after couple of seconds the setup routine will be completed and SHAREit will be available for free use. Tap Open button on the newly displayed form.

If you don’t want to encounter with Play Market store, you may download the external APK-file for Android from the third-party web-resources. There are tons of resources in the web, which allow to download SHAREit APK for Android from their internal server. Here is one of them, which you may freely use in order to get the setup-file.

Important warning: in order to setup SHAREit APK-file on your smartphone, you will have to change the option in the settings, which allows to receive the APK-objects for Android from unknown third-party sources. To do it you will have to:

  1. open the "Settings” form
  2. switch to the "Security” section
  3. SHAREit for AndroidSHAREit for Android

  4. set the option "Unknown sources” to On.
  5. SHAREit for AndroidSHAREit for Android

After downloading SHAREit for Android for free and installing the app you will need couple of seconds to get used to design and learn how to practice with this utility, so keep patient and persistent.

SHAREit for Android
Setup File Name:SHAREit.apk
Full Setup Size:5.4 MB
Operating system:Android
License:Free Trial
Latest Version:3.7.18_ww
Developers:SHAREit Technologies
Download from the official site